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                                               If you've just happened onto this website, we must inform you that the site is intended                                  
    for people who happen to be looking for a company to produce their homemade food  
                                                                   product for the general public. Most folks visiting this site have purchased the ebook                                                   

Start Your Own Food Company
    "From Your Kitchen Counter To
      The Checkout Counter"

          The "ebook" is available at         startyourownfoodcompany

          Please check it out if you're trying to start your own food business.

 With that said...

  As you know, copackers are the folks that produce your product(s). If you read the chapter  
  in the book, you learned as much about the academic side as possible. The
human side or "real world" side is yours to discover. To review the article you can click


Another good reference:


and another...

  The problem with these folks is they don’t spend a great deal of money on
advertising  to get your business. Actually they spend nothing on trying to get your
business. So, as you would expect, THEY”RE HARD TO FIND. And when your in the
beginning stages of a food business it can prove to be very frustrating. Some may take
you by the hand and walk you through the whole process of getting your product
produced, labeled, and distributed. Others may not. Some may take a recipe from your
kitchen before you’ve even established yourself as a real business, others may not.
Like I stated in the book, a little sleuthing goes a long way. Go to the store and find
products produced in your area. Give the folks a call (both the company and the
producer because they will probably be two different companies) Get feedback on the
copacker from the company and ask the copacker for additional references. Research,
research, research. Like I stated in the book, spice importers and wholesalers are a
great place to start  your exploring because if they don't copack themselves, they
                                 usually work with copackers..                           

  This is a site, indexed by state, of copackers throughout the country.  I will be adding
to the list as I travel around the country so always check back to this site for updates.  If
you happen upon a reputable copacker, PLEASE send me an email so I can add them
to the list. (email address follows)

If you are a reputable copacker and want more business, email me and I will gladly add you to the list!

As you surf through this website you'll notice some of the companies listed don't have
websites, heck, most don't even have toll free numbers!

  Use your head when searching. If the site states the
company produces Asian sauces, you can pretty much bank on the fact that they have
the facilities to produce just about any kind of sauce. Even if the stated products aren't
related to  your products, give them a call. Chances are they know someone in the area
that can help. Good luck in your endeavor. You can always email me with questions you
may have.

Bob Lauck

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